Trade between blockchains.

No bridging required.

L1DEX leverages the ground breaking interoperability of L1X to bring you the worlds first truly decentralized cross-chain exchange. Swap any token for any other token across blockchains without the use of bridges.

Supported networks:
Lowest on chain fees


Transactions per second


Network block creation time


1Direct wallet integrations
to view and access
your wallet in app
without switching tabs.
2Real time routing information,
price/slippage impact, etc…
in real time on every trade.
3With optional gasless trades,
users can trade any
token on any chain
without maintaining
native tokens.
4Trade like a pro with
advanced order placement
including limit & stop orders.
5Save your technical
analysis on-chart
while you trade.
6Efficient trading with
one-click drag and
drop stop and limit orders.
7Simple UX for trading a
percentage of your holdings.
8Effortlessly switch between
networks as you swap
from chain to chain.
9Optionally send along
additional gas money to
the destination chain.
10Monitor market trades,
track open orders &
view individual trade history.

Rich features.

A new standard in DeFi

Experience the advanced features found on a centralized exchange with all the safety and security of DeFi. With features like gasless trading, drag and drop orders, on chart technical analysis and more, L1DEX empowers users to trade like a pro without having to worry about the intricacies of moving between blockchains.

Multi-chain Balancer Pools

Our unique multi-chain Balancer pools intend to revolutionize the current DeFi landscape by implementing cross-chain capabilities. Here's an in-depth look at its functionalities:

  • Cross-Chain Swaps

    Enabling seamless swaps between tokens across different blockchains, both EVM and non-EVM.

  • Liquidity Provisions

    Support for liquidity providers to add to the pool across different chains. Add multiple chain tokens into a single Balancer pool.

  • Slippage Control

    Introducing measures to reduce price slippage during large trades and liquidity aggregation strategies.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

    Users can access a broader range of assets without switching between different decentralized exchanges.

  • Increased Liquidity

    Pooling liquidity across different chains allows for concentration in available liquidity.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Reducing the need for multi-step transactions and enhancing speed.

  • Automated Reward Distribution

    Implementation of smart contracts to automate rewards based on contribution.

  • Multi-Asset Staking

    Enabling staking of different tokens from various chains.

  • Customizable Reward Structure

    Allowing pool creators to define unique reward structures for their specific pools.

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