Lets build together!

Become an official L1DEX partner and gain access to the first and only truly decentralized cross chain swap. L1DEX partners have the following benefits:

  • White Labeled Cross-chain Swaps

    Use the L1DEX SDK to provide your users a white labeled version of our X-Talk Tunnelâ„¢. Seamlessly allow for the fastest and most efficient cross chain swaps to your native chain.

  • L1DEX Aggregation

    Inclusion within the L1DEX aggregation network connects partner dex’s existing liquidity to our cross chain swaps and opens opportunities for additional volume on the dex’s native chain.

  • Partner Dex Reward Pool

    1/3 of all L1DEX swap fees are automatically sent to the partner dex reward pool. Partners are encouraged to provide volume and liquidity in order to gain a larger share of the pool.

How it works.

White labeled features with the L1DEX SDK

Simply tap into our SDK in order to deploy your own white labeled cross-chain swap allowing users to transfer funds to your native chain without the need for bridging!

You will also have access to deploy our X-Talk Tunnel pools allowing your users to participate in L1DEX liquidity farms. By participating in these farms, your users will receive a base layer of rewards provided by L1DEX. You may add additional rewards to the base engineering layer specifically for liquidity providers that deposit through your SDK in order to increase your share of partner dex reward pool.

Our dev team is here to help!

Please reach out with questions or custom integration requests.

Drive more volume.

L1DEX Aggregation

As an L1DEX partner you will be included within our cross-chain swap aggregation network. This means that even if a swap is initiated outside of your exchange on a different origin chain, our advanced cross-chain routing can execute trades through your liquidity pools and provide you with more trading fees.

Get paid.

Partner Dex Reward Pool

In addition to swap volume created on each dex's native chain through our cross-chain aggregator, each partner dex is compensated though our real yield trading fees. 1/3 of all L1X fees are sent to the partner dex reward pool and distributed to the partners in accordance with their volume and deposited liquidity.

Create your own pools

Add liquidity to L1X

Create your own cross chain balancer pools on L1X and consolidate your existing liquidity across multiple chains. Liquidity added on L1X can be used on both L1X and native chains simultaneously and will receive priority in X-Talk Tunnel aggregation.

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